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Teatro aplicado

Me dedico al teatro aplicado; la forma de llamar a los proyectos teatrales con fines de bienestar social y comunitario que usan las herramientas del teatro para desarrollar procesos colaborativos. Del 2018 a 2020, colaboré en La Cabra Salvaje, una compañía de teatro físico donde desarrollamos una compañía de Teatro Espontáneo. Esta labor me ha llevado a conocer sobre las metodologías de Cultura de Paz, Comunicación No Violenta y Prácticas Narrativas. Desde el 2018 he impartido más de diez talleres en la UAM Azcapotzalco de Voz y Comunicación No Violenta para docentes y en otras unicersidades. Actualmente curso una Meatría en Arizona State University en Teatro Aplicado para Jóvenes y Comunidades.


I am a Spontaneous theater performer (Playback theater) and applied drama facilitator for groups. The theater I make enables spaces for mental and emotional wellbeing where we all can grow through expressing our stories and oppressions to rewrite our narratives through creative drama processes.

The values I apply to my theater practice are relational awareness, embodied action, and territorialized experience.  I translate these by applying the following questions to my practice: Is the project building a safe space to listen and honor the narratives and emotions of the audience? Is the project helping the audience to expand their vision of their story? Is the project being structured, joyful and playful?

I work with Spontaneous/Playback theater, a technique to improvise and resonate on stage the narratives that inhabits individuals and communities. After two years of working with this methodology I realize that theater needs to be an experience where everybody can have the agency to express and create artistic work. Drama is a human exercise to visualize emotions and structures to build more vulnerable and strong bonds and narratives.

The stage usually cannot resolve personal or social problems, but it can give the strength, imagination and hope to the individuals and communities to transform their reality. I believe that is the power of theater: a creative space to play with norms and power structures and find other possibilities to relate, re-write our narratives and grow.

I grew up in Mexico City, where I studied a bachelor in Theater at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México and studied a semester in the Universidad de Buenos Aires. Currently, I am studying a master’s in fine arts in Theater for Youth and Communities at Arizona State University.

En la foto de izq a der: Ingrid Castro, Lizeth Alvarado, Alejandro Bastien, Manuel Sosa, Ricardo Lomnitz. Función de Teatro Espontáneo en La Cabra Salvaje. Ciudad de Méxio, 2019.
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